Google Allo for Web launched, only for Android

How to use Google Allo Web

Google Allo, launched last year has slowly made a mark in the messaging world. The company has been introducing features ever since the launch to keep the momentum growing. In a recent attempt it seems like the tech giant is finally set to roll out the much awaited Google Allo for web interface just like WhatsApp. The web feature was first teased in February by one of the developers working on Allo and the recent update of the app hints at it.

What is an APK teardown?

When an application/game (or an APK, to be specific, Android Package) is decompiled, one can read through the various lines of code and hint at possible future features (if any). These features may or may not be made public and may only be there for experimental purposes. If you want to read more about APK teardown

Google Allo for web

Google Allo for Web Images

According to reddit sources the desktop client will be referred to as “Allo for web.” Using Google Allo for desktop will involve visiting on your computer and scanning the QR code from the mobile app. The option to connect ‘Allo for Web’ will be visible in the menu which when clicked opens up a cute looking sticker based screen. Seen as someone using the laptop and a button that says “Scan QR Code” along with a learn more button.

In addition to these features there were a few lines of code which indicated at something called Micro Moments. Micro Moments is a kind off mini app inside Allo. The Launch feature enables the screen seen below which lets you do a couple of things.


There is currently four apps which can be seen called Shared List, Quick Draw, Toadal Pondage and Hello World. Hello World lets you send a special message. Shared list is to specifically share lists. Quick Draw which is Google’s  AI feature packed fun chrome experiment.

Meanwhile you can download Google Allo from – here and get started if you haven’t yet.

Will update once I know more. Stay curious.

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