Google is working on a File Manager with super powers of its own to be called Files Go

Android has never had a stock File Manager app of its own. One you see on some phones are added by OEMs but as the default on pure Android there is nada. Google last night released a closed beta program for its new app which does exactly what we spoke and more, called Files Go.

The app was available on the Playstore for while before being taken off again completely. Files Go is currently being termed as Android’s own Airdrop equivalent. After a few minutes of exploring the app I figured out its more then just a file manager and app sharing utility app.

Files Go, as the name suggests maybe a part of Google’s Go initiative or just named Go for the file sharing functionality. The app which is close to 10 MB may be┬ásomething designed for Android Go; phones which don’t really have the best hardware. Files Go lets you manage file as its primary option but apart from that has a few other great features.

File sharing with Android users, one can send files to people nearby with someone who has Files Go installed on their phone. It has a dashboard upfront to keep a check on your storage and also a button to clean cached files.

Apart from that it highlights files which are taking large chunks of your memory in one section with an option to delete them. Last but not the least it also help you spot and remove apps which have been lying unused on your phone.

While the Playstore is full of apps which can help you do these tasks individually but this one seems pretty solid and ad free. Helping you save the trouble of juggling between apps Files Go as a stock app would be a great news for Android users.



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