Free Google Play Music subscription launched in India – How to use?

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More than a year ago Google launched Play Music in India which offered services to download music at a price as low as INR 10. Later last week Google took a step further to compete with popular streaming services in India Apple Music, Saavn, etc. and launched its subscription service. Google Play Music’s subscription model offers you access to a catalogue of over 40 million local and international hits at your fingertips. Yess, no kidding. And the best part? It will cost you just INR 89/month.

What does it offer?

Google Play Music which comes pre installed into every Android phone is already present in 97% of phones in India. Play Music offers a range of songs starting from your daily Bollywood hits to Retro music to albums of popular artists by Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd etc. Google Play Music is available on iOS, Android and Web.

You have the option to comb through the library by specifying the name of the singer, music director or even the name of the actors in the film. If you are still confused about how to go about it just select a playlist from the home screen and let it learn your preferences and your taste while you hang out from the local train compartment.

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Get free Google Play Music Subscription

Whats different about Google Play Music?

For a country which hasn’t tasted Spotify services, its Google’s attempt to make Play Music your pocket-sized DJ. One who pays attention not only to what artists and genres you like from around the world, but also to when you like it, so the music that you care about is always at the top of your screen.

Growing rapidly as a machine learning giant Google has added a twist to its streaming service. Once you opt in, it takes in considerations your location, the music you have been listening and the weather bringing you the perfect playlist for your mood.

How to get Google Play Music Subscription free forever

But it doesn’t just stop there even after the 4G boom in India courtesy Reliance JIO, the internet network isn’t at its best. Play Music service offers an option to take playlists of your choice offline. Tweaked for India it offers a data saving option which can be toggled based on your needs. Feel free to stream even while in poor connections but in immense need of some Arijit Singh songs.

Google Play Music subscription for Free?

It isn’t free free. But Google has started with a month long free trial period for first time users in India. A discounted 45 days rate to buy the subscription for merely INR 89/month compared to Apple’s INR 120/month.

Note – Post the introductory offer the subscription would be priced at INR 99/month. So hurry up!

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