Redefining on what you sleep, sneak-peak into Foam Home

Foam Home mattress with best technology

“Sleeping is nice because it helps you forget about everything for a little while”

But not when you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

“Sleeping is an art

and a mattress is an integral part of the performance.

These are words by some fellow PJ enthusiasts. Words to live by.

Last Sunday, I went behind the scene to Foam Home, an over 40 year old company who truly believe in comfort to understand the past, present and future of mattresses. Foam Home has been producing premium mattresses ever since.

Over the years the mattress industry has evolved greatly and companies have come up with premium products but many still involve a spring bed structure or a coir layer sandwiched between foam on both the side. Mattress like these feel comfortable for a while until you really start sinking into them.

At Foam Home the expert team who work as per the International standards have developed some of the best mattress in India and also a patented one with the name of Ergoshell mattress technology which is going to be showcased at Interzum 2017 show in Cologne, Germany this month.

Let me walk you through the technology Sabina Bhanpurawala and Ali Bhanpurawala conveyed to me while explaining me the effort that has gone behind getting it right. This mattress comprises of several important layers but the primary ones are the real cream of the product –

Foam Home Mattress review

Mattress Shell

The shell is like the foundation of the mattress and this what the entire technology is built on. Made of every dense material it ensures durability and comfort. Made off a mesh like structure completely it forms a rectangular structure which guarantees you from falling off the side. With over 42 zones in the shell the mattress can be modified as per further comfort requirements for Orthopaedic need to everyday use based on the support blocks.

Support Blocks

The mattress doesn’t breath well makes you uncomfortable while you sleep on it. To avoid this problem Foam Home has come up with a solution of providing support blocks based on teh pressure points. The pressure points are mapped on their in-store pressure mapping device which helps them get an idea of the areas which will require hard cushioning and others with super soft ones. Also makes it easy to service the mattress when needed.

Comfort Layer

Once the base is build the mattress can be topped with anything again as per your preference. The Ergoshell Mattress is capable of a very high level of customization based on your requirements. The top layer can be made from memory foam, an HR foam or can be finished using a Orthogel layer.

All the time I spent there most of it was spent cozying over the 8-inch Ergoshell Mattress which had a feather layer on the top and would highly recommend you to buy that. All in all Foam Home has developed one the best of International level mattresses which you should check out if you are a comfort freak. Foam Home has its presence in four cities; Mumbai being the oldest store.

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