#ShotoniPhone finally sees light on newly launched Apple Instagram account and iPhone 8 rumors

Apple @apple instagram

Seen the #shotoniphone hashtag and too many posts? Never found the Apple account featuring them? Well, Apple has finally expanded its not so big social presence to Instagram. The company launched its Instagram handle yesterday and features a series of #shotoniphone photos from its users.

In an interesting take to displaying these photos the company has added sound clip of the photographer explaining the subject matter. Starting the account a with a very subtle bio ‘Welcome to @apple. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part.’ encouraging users to share photos with the hashtag to get featured.
Apple has been promoting Shot on iPhone in its marketing communication worldwide but never on social. Instagram will now be a platform for the tech giant to leverage all those photos. Also encouraging more users to put their photos forward further empowering the community. Less than 24 hours post the launch the handle has gained around 340k + followers and is growing strongly.

iPhone 8 rumors?

iPhone 8 leaks all photos

While the iPhone 8 rumors are on the high and according to a new leak there would a new copper coloured version of the iPhone. According to the sources the new iPhone will have an OLED display and a much sharper resolution than the last iPhone.

Instagram which currently has 700MN monthly active users on iOS and Android. While this isn’t Apple’s first Instagram account. It has accounts for several of its other products (Apple Music and iBooks) but its first account dedicated exclusively to iPhone photography.

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