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What is Terrarium TV

“What TV shows are you watching these days?”

“Can you share those with me?”

“Transfer it to my hard drive which I can’t find right now but I still need to watch something interesting”

Are just some things which we hear/tell everyday to our colleagues or friends. We all are now addicted to watching TV shows these days and living in the digital age we consume more content than we ever did.

But where to watch them?

Netflix is great but doesn’t have all our favorite shows on it. It does have some great shows but what about the other shows your friends talk about? You can go around buying subscriptions and all that but who has the money and time.

Most of the TV shows are now telecasted on our TV channels but then what about binge watching and chilling at your own convenience. There are streaming websites which host shows for free but then again who will go through the pain of scraping through humongous list of results on Google. And the ad overloads over them.

Thanks to some of the developers for ‘ Terrarium TV ‘  which has a library of all the TV shows and Movies. Yes, you heard it right. The app is right now Android only, sorry Apple users.

A very simple to use interface makes it one of the best apps out there. Adding to it you can select a stream based on your pocket, I mean the quality of your internet connection. And the ease to add subtitles to your shows/movie. With further development of the app they have also added Chromecast support to the app.

P.S – You won’t find your daily soap Indian operas on it. Please stick to your cable TV for those.

You can download the latest version of Terrarium TV – Here

Let me run you down to the process of watching your show, its simple trust me.

  • Select the show you want to binge watch.
  • Select the season then the episode you want to start your binge with.
  • Select the quality of the stream.
Terraium TV (Free Netflix, Android Prime and Hotstar)
Image Credits – Anees Siddique

Once you have selected the season and the episode you want to watch you need to select the quality of the steam. Most of the videos are hosted on private Google Drive  so there is never an instant where the stream breaks off midway. Unless your ISP does.

  • Select the stream quality from a huge list, starting from HD to SD its all there.
  • Select your choice whether you plan to download it for later or watch it online.
  • If selected with subtitles you get an screen to select the subtitle.
Terraium TV (Free Netflix, Android Prime and Hotstar)
Image Credits – Anees Siddique

Once everything is done just put down your headphones and you are good to go. Best way to stream is to use MX Player.

This app does have ads in the free version and can be purchased for a few dollars for an ad free version.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends next time they ask you “Can you please share your TV Show collection with me?”


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